About Biljana Karan

Biljana Karan is one of Macedonia most recognized fashion designers with numerous fashion shows in the region and around the world. Her designs have been featured on magazine covers, and in many local and international newspapers, websites, and magazines.

Established in 2005 in the center of Skopje Atelier Biljana Karan has over 15 years of experience in designing unique fashion and custom-made designs. In 2015 Biljana Karan expends her label with a branch in Thessaloniki, Greece where she worked as the head designer for Anel, a popular fashion chain in Greece.

After finishing her Masters in fashion design in Florence Italy she briefly worked for Salvatore Ferragamo and later opened her show room in the vicinity of Venice Italy, Martelago. It did not take long to position herself on the luxury fashion market and soon Biljana Karan designs were sold exclusively in selected shops in Padova, Miami Beach & Greece, as well as selected online shops worldwide. Famous for her refined elegance paired meticulously with a luxurious chic all her own she portrays an idea of beauty that is intensely feminine. Vibrant textures, distinctive cuts and the use of unconventional and high-quality fabrics brilliantly unite high class and contemporary culture to create a unique look and an original image for our customers.

Sustainability is the focal point in our ethic of work. We avoid over production by making unique designs that can be made to order upon request, supporting local craftsman and artisans that hand make embellishment and unique embroideries incorporated in our designs. Along with aesthetics and comfort our main objective is high quality both in the selection and use of fabric as well as in the production and making of each garment that extends its durability creating a timeless fashion that can be worn over and over creating new memories again and again.