Welcome to the world of BILJANA KARAN where a lifelong love affair with fashion blossomed into a captivating journey of creativity and craftsmanship.

Here fashion meets imagination in a seamless blend of style and innovation.


Expressing interest and fervent passion for fashion from her earliest childhood Bibi as her closest friends call her engaged in the art of making elaborate collections portraying a vision of her future brand showcasing local trunk shows where her unique designs were presented and sold. Determined to pursue her passion she embarked on a transformative voyage, studying fashion design in one of the world’s most iconic hubs of sartorial excellence, Florence, Italy.


Drawing inspiration from her Macedonian roots her designs feature and employ local artisans, who exhibit their skillful craftsmanship making sure the designer’s vision is perfectly interpreted. Studying and working throughout the world, Florence and Venice, Italy, Côte d’Azur, Miami Beach & Greece she created a style and image fueled by different cultures. A symphony of both tradition and innovation, decadence and spirituality, discipline and freedom, creating a whole NEW WORLD emerging from an eclectic fusion arising first and foremost from creativity, boosted with technical expertise, enriched by refinement of taste philosophically embroidered with excellence every step of the way, from idea to delivery.


Delve into our NEW MODERN World where every stitch tells a story, every silhouette captures a mood, and every garment embodies the essence of individuality, bridging the gap between artistry and wearability.

We all share one world but each and every one of us is completely and unrepeatably unique. Mirroring this exact truth is our way of doing things. This essential realization of connectedness and union, embracing all the different colors and particularities of being and expression ultimately effects our inspiration, style, policy and ethics that are based on inclusivity, sensitivity and moderation. As a team we deeply care about the environment and are very conscious of our actions both in human relations, customer service and ethics in production, where moderation specifically applies. Our small but committed team focuses on quality instead of quantity, creating timeless original evergreens instead of following trends, making slow instead of fast fashion. This is why we have chosen a model of deliberate limit in production and the use of high-quality stock fabrics that enables us to offer both exclusivity and quality. Promoting creativity and sustainable growth with a shared vision that gives each and everyone of our customers the opportunity to stand out and express their essence.



Biljana Karan portfolio includes designing for established brand Anel in Greece, German brand Vera Mont and an apprenticeship at Salvatore Ferragamo. Her designs have been featured in many worldwide publications and sold exclusively at selected stores and e-shops worldwide.

She presented her collections with fashion shows in Padova, Miami Beach, Monte Negro, Kosovo, Bulgaria and her hometown of Skopje on several occasions. Her debut collection was in collaboration with Dior Macedonia.

Karan also worked as a costume designer for theater plays, collaborated with celebrities who were featured in her add campaigns, styled music videos and commercials and has also hosted a local TV Show about fashion titled Fashion Icon. The Designer has supported many humanitarian initiatives and philanthropic activities through her work and continues to do so.


“Join me as we embark on a journey through the realms of beauty, style and sophistication, where dreams are woven into fabric and imagination knows no bounds. Explore the endless possibilities of modern fashion that interprets ready-to-wear with the language of couture, here trends are redefined, and individuality reigns supreme. Discover the essence of elegance, the power of self-assurance, and the allure of timeless fashion, curated exclusively for the modern, discerning individual whose style and actions stand for something beyond just looking good. It’s how we feel and effect the world around us that matters too.”