Biljana Karan | Fashion Designer and Online Fashion Shop


The Ladies in my designs give soulful expressions to the clothes I make.

LOVE all of them and their subtle expression of INDIVIDUALITY.

Every dress is made to fit her and she is ... A MUSE...

Every movement an inspiration!

She is always A SURPRISE! Unpredictable and fresh. A CHALLENGE!

Unlike anybody else she embraces everyone. She is DIFFERENT. UNLIMITED. Incomprehensible!

No guidelines or must haves for this Evolutionary Girl.  

Every day is a NEW ADVENTURE...


UNITED  in our differences WE  each EXPRESS our style of BEAUTY I love fashion today for the freedom in it. It  lets you make everything around and about yourself BEAUTIFUL ...EXTRAVAGANT ... FUN... just  the way you want it! I believe each day should be a unique experience, always new, absolutely fresh. My personal outlook is one should never be bored in such a colorful world, so rich that need to express itself with multitude of colors and shapes, sound, taste, feelings.

 I love contrast. It's supportive and enhancing of the opposite. The play of degrees in opposition creates innumerable opportunities.Everything is INTERDEPENDENT. We are all connected.Even making a single dress means putting pieces together for that perfect fit. It's about connection. It's all a relationship.

I've been influenced by Italian craftsmanship and Parisienne Chic, that maintain their presence in my creative expressions. Refined ELEGANCE, Luxurious CHIC and Intense FEMININITY portray my idea of BEAUTY and PERFECTION. Vibrant textures, DISTINCTIVE cuts, and UNCONVENTIONAL materials brilliantly unite HIGH CLASS and CONTEMPORARY CULTURE. The woman I have on mind when designing radiates FREEDOM, a sense of SELF, she’s easy to LOVE, relaxed and knows exactly who she is and what it is she wants. Sophistication is the language she communicates and it reflects trough her looks and actions that emphasize and attribute her unique way of expression. Lets's celebrate FREEDOM  in all walks of life!

The contemporary woman is not afraid to be herself, and is that effortlessly. Maintaining her femininity, sensuality and innocence she is ever more graceful, powerful and seductive.Elsie de Wolfe said "I am going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life." Sure sounds good! The above mentioned topic feature fashion as the passion for direct personal experience.Fashion is poetry in 3D. A story to be told, a sensibility to be felt, a creativity to be played with every day.The adoration of your body is the highest respect you pay to the soul within.Fashion helps complete the work of art you are. That is the main description of my job.Good taste is the ruler but always take your style with you. It’s a tool of personal expression.

2004 Graduated at the Academia in Florence Italy
2006 Debut collection presented at Skopje Fashion Week
2008 Glamourology Fashion Show in collaboration with Dior
2008 Celebrity model Martina the first face of Glamourology FS and add campaigne
2008 On the Cover for Avantgarde Magazine
2009 Biljana Karan on the cover of Kompletna Lifestyle Magazine
2009 Photoshoot of the latest collection in Venice Italy
2009 The collection featured in Italian News papers
2009 Biljana Karan on the cover of Vikend
2010 Biljana Karan in a role of TV presenter
2010 Fashion Show in Miami Beach Florida
2010 Photoshoot on Ocean Drive – new collection
2011 Victoria Loba for Biljana Karan
2011 Buy Biljana Karan on line @
2011 Biljana Karan on the cover of Tea Moderna
2011 Biljana Karan designs for celebrities
2012 Biljana Karan introduces Biljana Karan Bridal
2013 Photoshoot for Biljana Karan Bridal
2014 The NEW LOOK – Biljana Karan starts a collaboration with Neamoda