CONSIDERING FALL’S COURAGEOUS FASHION STATEMENTS, HOW DO WE PULL OFF FIERCE, FEARLESS STYLE? OUR RESIDENT ARBITER TUTORS US IN THE ART OF GOING BOLD WITH GOOD TASTE. Is dressing well a question of bravery or of permission? From the clothes we wear to how we decorate, isn’t style the willingness to explore “the new” with equal amounts of curiosity and honest self-appraisal? In all of life we must rid ourselves … Read More


YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. THERE IS A MAGIC ABOUT YOU THAT IS ALL YOUR OWN* Girls  nowadays seem to have a very uneasy relationship with the idea of elegance. Here’s my version of an explanation ( and an extension on the avoiding of risk). Remember that scene in A Beautiful Mind when John Nash has his aha moment in a bar and the seeds of game theory are sown? The scenario … Read More


LET THE WORLD TURN EVER MORE CASUAL: WHEN IT COMES TO MATTERS OF STYLE, THESE WOMEN HAVE THE COURAGE OF THEIR CONVICTIONS. MAKING A STATEMENT “Looking well dressed is a reflection on who you are,” Stephanie Seymour believes. “ I’ll see a woman who has made an effort and think, wow she has got it together.” DARE TO WEAR VALIANT STYLE/ GETTING DRESSED IS AN ALL OR NOTHING EXPERIENCE FOR … Read More