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SELENA The Starlight mini


Named and inspired by the Greek Goddess of Light Selena
who was the Titan personification of the moon itself,
this design is made to make you shine whatever the occasion.
Created for a true modern goddess in a very limited edition.
The effect and texture of the fabric is translucent and it
reflect the light it captures in a variety of golden,silver
and diamond like shades.It is exuberant and rich, heavy yet light,
radiating grace from the surface of your body. Ignite the Night!
Shine your light wherever you choose to wear it. It's a genuine
expression of the light that you are and the Goddess in the dress.
Metallic zipper in the back with adjustable side straps.

Material information
shell beaded polyester
lining tulle
Fit & sizing
available in S / M
Care informations
dry cleaning only
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