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NYX Dark blue Wrap Up blouse


NYX the ancient Greek Goddess of the night is the inspiration
behind this semi transparent Wrap up top made of two different
fabrics, a sheer silky stretch chiffon as a base and a sporty
chic cotton jacquard in dark blue. The sleeves are voluminous
and the back is semi transparent, the front is cut in a specific
hour glass shape with a keyhole that can be opened or tied with
the thin satin strings around the neck. Ideal combo with the NYX
multi zipper pants but goes well with a pair of jeans, The Volcano
RED rocks pants from the same collection, a pencil skirt a mini or
a maxi skirt, shorts, leggings etc. With the proper styling you can
wear it day and night.However it is anything but casual so it best
fits special events, cocktails, parties etc.
Made for our modern goddesses in limited edition.

Material information
50% Silk Chiffon
20% Elastan
30% Cotton Jacquard
Fit & sizing
available in XS / S
Care informations
Cold wash with like colors
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